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The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp July Camp Sign Ups & Two Year Anniversary

Hello! Are you a writer who loves getting together with a group of like minded writers? Are you a Christian lady who yearns for the encouragement and camaraderie from fellow Christian ladies? Then you should check out The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp! Do you enjoy setting a goal for NaNoWriMo? KDWC is a wonderful companionContinue reading “The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp July Camp Sign Ups & Two Year Anniversary”

Writers Tag!

My good friend Bree from Laughs and Literature tagged me in her own tag so I’m participating! The rules: You can use the little graphic in your post. Also, please tag me (Bree) too so that I can see how the story ends! Add a paragraph or so onto the story I have started. AnythingContinue reading “Writers Tag!”


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Hiya, I’m Jovey. I’m a Christian homeschooled kid with a love for art, reading, writing, and sharing about my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I love to play video games with my twin brother, annoy my big sister, and goof off with my big brother. Read more

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