What I Learned From A Charlie Brown Christmas Guest Post by Rebekkah W. | Blogging All The Way Day 5

What I Learned From A Charlie Brown Christmas

  Heya wonderful people! Grab your favorite hot beverage, maybe a cookie or two (or seven, you know, whatever), settle in a cozy nook or underneath that Christmas tree, and hang out. 

  Today, I’ll be rambling about the awesomeness of A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s my favorite Christmas movie – followed closely by The Man Who Invented Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life – for a couple of reasons. 

 For one, it has a nice mix of secular and Christian. It’s not shallow and it’s not preachy. That’s all I want from movies, music, and books: something deep enough to make me think, but light enough to make me laugh.

 Secondly, I adore Lucy’s Psychiatric Help stand. I may or may not have had the thought of setting one up… 

  And thirdly, I find Charlie Brown hugely relatable, and I love Linus. To get into this, let’s dive into the movie. 

“I Don’t Feel The Way I’m Supposed To Feel” 

 This is one of the most relatable movie lines for me. Whether it’s Christmas, church, or just life, I often don’t feel like I’m “supposed” to (whatever that means). And while I’ve never given a friend 5¢ to label my fears, I feel Charlie Brown. 

  The Christmas spirit can be hard to catch, and it never seems to stick around. No one knows why. You can watch all the Christmas movies, listen to carols around the clock,and still not feel it. You can throw yourself headfirst into directing a Christmas play, and still not feel the way you’re supposed to. That’s just the way it is, I guess. 

  So, you’re not alone if you don’t feel “happy”. You’re not a freak or a Grinch (as long as you let others be merry and bright). You’re just human. It happens to everyone, I think. 

“Just Send Money” 

  On the other side of the coin, are those who get way too excited about Christmas… For all the wrong reasons, or as an attempt to give the season some sort of reason. 

  I don’t know if it’s American culture, or the whole world, but we always seem to be pushing for bigger and better things. To quote Suzy again, “Christmas is the joy of getting.” Or so it seems. 

  It’s not that presents, big Christmas parties, or lights and display contests are evil, because they’re not, they just have this tendency to dazzle and distract us from the true meaning of Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with having a shiny aluminum Christmas tree, just don’t obsess over it. 

 “Just send money,” isn’t a healthy attitude to have about anything, really, but it especially isn’t when we have the King of Kings lying in a manger. 

What Christmas Is All About

 In a fit of desperation, Charlie Brown cried out “isn’t there anyone who can tell me what Christmas is all about?” And Linus (let’s appreciate how awesome he is), who earlier kind of brushed him off, recites a portion of Scripture (Luke 2:8-14), pointing him to the gospel. 

 There’s something calming about the gospel. It puts things into perspective. The Lord of all creation came down to redeem us. The promised Messiah, Immanuel, came to save His people. 

  It is a marvelous, incredible, almost insane thought that God – He who spoke galaxies into existence – became fully human to live a perfect life for us and die on the cross for our sins. It is incomprehensible. And that it’s true, it’s a fact, that this really happened… when I ponder it, I’m speechless. (The whole Peanuts gang was dumbstruck too after Linus spoke). 

  Sometimes, it inspires a loud rejoicing in me, a Joy To The World type of celebration. But sometimes, it’s a quiet awe, an O Come O Come Emmanuel, O Holy Night type. And I guess, sometimes it’s a Hark The Herald Angels Sing type of jubilee with friends. 

  Whatever type of rejoicing it prompts in you, it puts things into perspective. What does the number of gifts, or whether the tree is aluminum or a dinky little wood one, matter when our souls have been washed in the blood of the Lamb? Our emotions may be a mess, the world is in chaos, death is an ever-present reality, but our Messiah has come! He has bought us and made us His. 

  Christmas isn’t about presents under the tree, involvement, or feeling the right things, it’s about Immanuel being born. 

 You won’t always feel “happy”, and commercialism is a snare/annoyance, but the meaning of Christmas is, well, Christ. 

To Wrap Up 

I hope my ramblings made some sort of sense, and encouraged or inspired you. I also hope that you take some time in this busy season to maybe pour yourself a mug of tea or cocoa, read some Scripture, and meditate on Christ’s birth. 

  What are your favorite Christmas flicks? Hymns and songs? And who is your favorite Peanuts character? 

  Have yourself a Holly jolly, merry little Christmas, 

Rebekkah W.

About Rebekkah W. :

Rebekkah Waner is an eighteen-year-old Jesus freak, Marvel nerd, and writer of sorts. She enjoys jamming out to music, falling into books for hours, and soaking up sunshine. She’s tries to be cool, but fails, usually while listening to Skillet. You can find her at Blue Pail Blogs (http://bluepailblogs.com/).

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